Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey unfollows Trump, Biden


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has reportedly unfollowed the accounts of President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden on his social media platform.

Dorsey also stopped following Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and Ivanka Trump’s account, according to the Twitter account @BigTechAlert, which monitors activity of tech leaders.

Since Nov. 17, Trump has lost 368,743 followers on Twitter, according to, a website that tracks Trump’s public statements and tweets.

Biden, meanwhile, in the same time frame, gained roughly 2.5 million followers on the social media platform.

During his presidency, Trump has been extremely active on Twitter, issuing quick statements from the account, insulting opponents and even announcing policy decisions from the platform.

Once Biden takes office, Twitter has said Trump will lose certain protections granted to world leaders, subjecting him to the same rules as ordinary users.

With Post wires