How to make and share your Instagram Top 9 posts of 2020


In this digital era, the end of the year remains a prime time for reflection — only now we can get virtual assistance to help us remember what the best parts of the last 12 months were.

The Instagram Top 9 is perhaps the best-known year-end roundup tradition, in which people use tech to see which of their Instagram posts got the most likes during the past year and then share that data in grid form.

While the practice of publishing report screenshots to one’s Insta profile is a dated practice from “the olden days,” as Mashable puts it, the last days of more recent years have still seen plenty of them posted on Instagram Stories.

Want to know how to do your own Top 9? Here’s how to make it happen before we ring in the new year.

Choose between Top Nine and Best Nine

Both of these free sites serve solely to determine and format your most popular posts. Top Nine is available as both a website and an app, the latter not requiring an email address. Best Nine — which is only usable for public accounts — is only a site and functions significantly more slowly. (“Please note that now it takes like 10 minutes to complete your request due to a huge demand,” the site warns.)

Type your handle and wait

Simply type it in and submit it when prompted on either site.

Save and share

Top Nine offers a “Save & Share” button to easily post the grid-based report to your Instagram Story. For those who’d rather upload it manually, just save or screenshot the image to your phone’s camera roll, then open Instagram and upload the image into a Story.

Voila! While 2020 likely wasn’t the most photogenic year in lived memory for many, we made it through and it’s nonetheless worth recalling the highlights (and perhaps leaving the lowlights behind).