How to activate Google Chrome’s secret dinosaur game


Sink your teeth into this!

Google Chrome has a hidden dinosaur game users can play. Wi-Fi did not exist millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and it’s not needed for Dinosaur Game, aka Chrome Dino, either.

When Chrome users lose internet connection, they’ll see a T-Rex icon above the message stating, “No internet.”

To start up the game, players simply need to hit the spacebar, which will make the dinosaur run and hop over the cactuses that come into its way. 

If you’re playing on your mobile device, you can just tap your thumb.

Jumping over cactuses earns points, and failing to clear the jump gives players the dreaded “Game over.”

Want to play the game when you have internet? Type chrome://dino into your web browser to get started. 

Chrome unveiled the game in 2014.
Chrome unveiled the game in 2014.
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Google released the game in 2014, and according to an interview with the game’s designer Sebastian Gabriel in 2018, the theme was inspired by the fact that losing access to the internet is like going back to prehistoric times, Game Rant reported. 

While the game was in development, designers gave it the code name “Project Bolan,” as an homage to Marc Bolan, the singer of the band T-Rex.