5 Siri Valentine’s Day tips your partner will never forget


If you’re on #TeamiPhone, you’re probably a Siri fan. We know we are. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re here with five top Siri tips that can help you make this year one to remember.

Read on for some fun ways to incorporate Siri into Valentine’s Day.

1. Plan the perfect night out

Nobody beats our favorite smart assistant when scoping any local scene for great food, spectacular views, and entertainment that never disappoints. Simply ask Siri which restaurants are open late or where to catch a live comedy show downtown, and you’re on your way to a great night.

Hey, Siri! Can you book a reservation for 6 p.m. Tuesday? She’ll get back to you with a list of options that fit your needs. Choose your favorite spot and whisk them off their feet.

2. Focus on what really matters

Power users love Focus mode when sleep, work or anything else demands their undivided attention. It’s also great for intimate encounters, especially for anybody trying to make a great impression on a date.

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You can switch Focus on or off with Siri hands-free, which makes it great for memory-making with your significant other. Flip it on with a single command in seconds, and flip it off when the time to part has come

3. Craft immaculate vibes at home

Mood lighting is highly underrated, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Our smart homes make transforming an ordinary evening into a romantic night effortless.

Smart bulbs and plugs can do so much more for your Valentine, aside from simply dimming the lights. Every day can be a party with customizable LED bulbs and Siri. Work out your lighting scheme beforehand and hop between looks with simple voice commands.

Valentine's Day
Kim Komando shows you how to use Siri to enhance your Valentine’s Day.
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4. Chef it up in the kitchen

We all know Siri can set timers for us while cooking, but that’s far from the extent of her talent. Measurement conversions, recipe suggestions and interactive shopping lists can help you nail dinner, even if you’re not the most adept chef.

We love Siri in the kitchen because we can ask her tough questions without touching our devices. Hey, Siri, “How many tablespoons of cumin should I add to the Mexican casserole?”

5. Never forget their most important days

After syncing reminders across all your devices (under your Settings, tap your name and then iCloud, you’ll be able to enable reminders on all devices here), you can use Siri to remind you when you have something special happening. 

Simply say, “Hey, Siri!” and then issue a command like “Remind me to order my wife’s birthday gift two weeks before March 25.” Now, you’ll never forget an important birthday or anniversary again.