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UK watchdog says Instagram will curb hidden advertising by influencers

Instagram has agreed to measures to crack down on hidden advertising by so-called influencers...

Twitter suffers embarrassing outage amid Post censorship controversy

Maybe they censored themselves. Twitter suffered a major crash on Thursday evening — telling users...

Twitter hackers posed as IT workers to trick employees, NY probe finds

A simple phone scam was the key first step in the Twitter hack that...

Apple’s new iPhone 12 won’t come with free headphones, charging brick

The next time you shell out $1,000 for a new iPhone, don’t expect a...

Microsoft reportedly stops hacking operation targeting election

Microsoft has shut down a massive hacking operation that could’ve potentially indirectly impacted election...

Facebook orders content moderators to come back to the office

Facebook is ordering its content moderators to come back to the office even as...

Robinhood says some customer accounts may have become target of hackers

Fintech startup Robinhood said Friday some customers might have become a target of hackers...

Twitter slows retweets ahead of election to combat viral misinformation

Twitter is making it harder for tweets to go viral ahead of the election...

Facebook bans Charlie Kirk-linked firm behind teen troll farm

Facebook has banned a marketing firm it found paying teenagers to run a pro-Trump...
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What’s Old Is New Again on Shelter Island

Welcome to T Wanderlust, a new travel newsletter from the editors of T Magazine. Twice a month, we’ll recommend global destinations and hotels worth...

Sarah Palin meeting ‘Zoom-bombed’ with drawing of penis and vagina

Sarah Palin was giving a speech during a Zoom meeting with local leaders in Alaska when a prankster interrupted her by posting...

Elon Musk’s SpaceX emerges as partner for European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has begun preliminary technical discussions with Elon Musk’s SpaceX that could lead to the temporary use of its launchers after the...

Salman Rushdie: Magical realist forced to live on the run

British Indian author Salman Rushdie is a master of magical realism who captured global attention as the target of a fatwa that forced him...

What to Know About Long COVID in Kids

There are lots of outstanding questions about Long COVID. How many people have it? Why do some develop it and not others? Do effective...

Polio Is Now in NYC’s Sewage, Suggesting That the Virus Is Circulating

NEW YORK — The polio virus has been found in New York City’s wastewater in another sign that the disease, which hadn’t been...