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Moscow’s ex-chief rabbi warns of ‘dark clouds’ for Russian Jews

Moscow's former chief rabbi now living in exile in Israel warned Thursday of...

Pope Francis to address Canada’s political leaders in Quebec

Pope Francis will travel to Quebec City Wednesday, where he will address Canada's political...

Russian oligarchs’ citizenship bids face scrutiny in Portugal

That creation stamped out of a prep-mold in a suit and tie sitting at...

‘Direct hit’: ‘Space Weather Woman’ predicts massive solar storm to strike Earth

DeVos is one of the prominent Republicans featured at the three-day summit in...

Austria and Hungary fight nature to stop lake vanishing

Kitesurfers and windsurfers dot picturesque Lake Neusiedl on the Austrian-Hungarian border –- but the...

Zelenskiy sacks Ukraine’s envoy to Germany and four other ambassadors: report

Zelenskiy announced the sacking of Ukraine's ambassadors to Germany, India, the Czech Republic,...

GOP Senate candidate’s lawsuit blaming China for Covid dismissed by federal judge: report

Del. Neil C. Parrott (R-Washington), who was the 2020 GOP nominee against Trone, reported...

Japan former prime minister Shinzo Abe taken to hospital after shooting

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's former prime minister Shinzo Abe has been taken...

North Korea’s Kim convenes conference for strengthening ‘monolithic’ party rule

“So we have Senator Cotton, Tom and his, wife, Anna, come out and...

Belarus president and Putin pal is calling for European ‘cleansing’

When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his invasion of Ukraine he cited the "self-cleansing...
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Taiwan crisis: what we’ve learned so far

Beijing (AFP) - China's live-fire drills around Taiwan –- which saw vessels encircle the democratically ruled island –- have offered an unprecedented insight into...

How a New Corporate Minimum Tax Could Reshape Business Investments

WASHINGTON — At the center of the new climate and tax package that Democrats appear to be on the verge of passing is one...

Graywolf Press’s New Publisher is Looking for Talent in New Places

At an independent press editors can offer sustained attention to books “that might need a little bit more development,” she said. After years in...

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters snaps at CNN host while defending Russian invasion of Ukraine

Early Saturday morning, CNN host Michael Smerconish shared a clip from an extensive interview with Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters that grew heated...

How Psychology Can Help Fight Climate Change—And Climate Anxiety

Scientists and activists have deployed many tactics to help combat climate change: expanding technologies like wind and solar power, building better batteries to store...

Progressives Embrace Climate and Tax Deal, Despite Disappointments

WASHINGTON — With enactment of a major piece of Democrats’ domestic agenda in sight within days, progressives in Congress are rallying, grudgingly but decisively,...