Brasilia rioters: Who are they?

They are a diverse bunch -- black and white, rich and poor, young and old. But the Bolsonaro-backing rioters who invaded and defaced the symbols of Brazil's democracy are united by one thing: a visceral hatred of "communism."Since their far-right hero Jair Bolsonaro lost elections in October, they have camped in the capital Brasilia, clamoring for the military to launch a coup to rid...

Earth is turning into a planet of flies

When you think of flowers being pollinated, you likely picture a bee or butterfly doing the work. But many different insects also visit flowers and help plants reproduce, including flies, wasps, beetles, and even certain mosquitoes. Some birds and bats also benefit flowering vegetation, acting as the liaison for sexual reproduction, a strange but widespread evolutionary practice.This article first appeared on Salon.But sadly, climate...

Strikes in east Ukraine despite Putin’s ceasefire order

Bakhmut (Ukraine) (AFP) - Artillery exchanges pounded war-scarred cities in eastern Ukraine on Friday despite Russian leader Vladimir Putin unilaterally ordering his forces to pause attacks for 36 hours for the Orthodox Christmas.The brief ceasefire declared by Putin earlier this week was supposed to begin at 0900 GMT Friday and would have been the first full pause since Moscow's invasion in February 2022. But AFP...

Peruvians clamor anew for president’s removal

After a fortnight-long break, Peruvians took to the streets again on Wednesday, blocking roads countrywide to demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, who took over from her ousted predecessor in December.Protesters used stones and burning tires to barricade main routes in the southern regions of Puno, Cusco, Apurimac and Arequipa, as well as Junin in the center, chanting for Boluarte to leave.She took...

Right-wing rabbi: Israel’s first LGBTQ Knesset Speaker is ‘infected with disease’

On Tuesday, LGBTQ Nation reported that a right-wing rabbi with ties to Israel's incoming conservative government has pushed homophobic conspiracy theories about Amir Ohana, the newly appointed Speaker of the Knesset, or Israeli Parliament, and the first openly gay man to hold the position.Ohana, who previously served as Israel's Minister of Justice and Minister of Public Security, is himself a member of Likud, the...
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