WNBA star Brittney Griner reportedly moved to Russian penal colony

1. Rain drops aren’t tear shapedThe small ones (about 1mm, the thickness of a credit card) are spherical. The larger rain drops are the more they flatten until they are the shape of a burger bun (flat side down). When they become larger than 5mm, about the size of a pencil top rubber, they break into smaller drops. The shape is created by the...

US says missile explosion in Poland likely caused by Ukraine

“I’m of the opinion that this will all sort itself out,” Perry said in an interview. “For me personally, it’s kind of like, show me what you got. Whether it’s Donald Trump, whether it’s DeSantis, whether it’s somebody that we haven’t seen yet.”He added that it was still early, and after running for statewide office six times, he knows how the campaign and election...

A hundred years on, Tutankhamun’s alleged curse still captivates

Four months after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in November 1922, the expedition’s sponsor, Lord Carnarvon, died unexpectedly, and the tabloid press in both the UK and US had no doubt what was to blame. Claims were already widespread that an engraved plaque had been found in the burial chamber, reading “Death comes on swift wings to he who disturbs the tomb of the...

House committee finds Trump Hotel scoring huge profits from 6 countries ‘at sensitive times’ for their US relations

The House Oversight and Reform Committee sent a letter to the National Archives on Monday requesting information about former President Donald Trump and the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC, which he has since sold. The committee found that at a time when several countries were conducting international policy relations with the U.S. those dignitaries were also sending money to the president's pocket through his...

At COP27 climate talks, slow progress stokes worry over final deal

By William James, Kate Abnett and Valerie VolcoviciSHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (Reuters) - One week into this year's U.N. climate summit in Egypt, frustrations were starting to flare as negotiators worried about resolving myriad details in time for a deal by the summit's scheduled close on Friday. With a long list of demands for COP27, country delegates said on Sunday there had been little progress so...
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