Tinder introduces number of new safety features, including Incognito mode

Dating app giant Tinder has released three new safety features and expanded the words and phrases that could trigger AI filters which detect inappropriate and harmful language, before prompting users to report the content. From today, Tinder users can block profiles before they’re matched on the app. Previously users were limited to ‘unmatching’ with people, which took place after they had ‘liked’...

Crypto firms ditch Super Bowl commercials this year after FTX meltdown

Cryptocurrency firms have been shut out from this year’s round of Super Bowl commercials following a brutal stretch that included onetime industry leader FTX’s collapse into bankruptcy. Crypto dominated the conversation at last year’s Super Bowl, with four firms — FTX, Coinbase, and eToro — plunking down millions of dollars for 30 seconds of ad time and spending millions more on...

Simulation shows tsunami from dinosaur-killing asteroid that brought 2.5-mile-high waves to Gulf Coast

Some 66 million years ago, a 6-mile-wide asteroid crashed into Earth near what today is Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, wiping out much of the planet’s life. The impact left a crater 110 miles wide and 12 miles deep and generated a massive catastrophic tsunami that defies reality. Scientists estimate the waves reached an unfathomable 2.5 miles high as they crashed into the land...

Apple crash and fall tech inundating 911 dispatchers with automated calls, reports say

Apple devices’ crash and fall detection features are reportedly flooding 911 emergency service and dispatch centers in states across the U.S. In Red Lodge, Montana, the issue is impacting Carbon County authorities.  “When people crash up there, and they have these watches, they automatically dial 911, but then it’s an open-ended line. So, our dispatchers...

Paddington Bear on Mars? NASA images from the red planet capture the internet’s imagination

Is it a bear? A wolf? A “doge?” The internet has mixed opinions on an image released by NASA showing what looks like a bear’s face on Mars. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the Red Planet and sending back high-resolution photos for about 17 years, captured the image on Dec. 12. The orbiting...
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