For Kids with Long COVID, Good Treatment Is Hard to Find

Ayden Varno was outside doing chores one day in April 2021 when he felt...

The Race to Make a Vaccine for Breast Cancer

When Karen Lynch was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44, it was a...

Why Infectious Disease Outbreaks Are Becoming So Common

SARS-CoV-2. Monkeypox. Polio. Marburg. These viruses are no longer familiar just to public-health experts,...

How Jennifer Doudna’s Life Has Changed Since Discovering CRISPR 10 Years Ago

Jennifer Doudna was staring at a computer screen filled with a string of As,...

India’s Vaccine Rollout Stumbles as COVID-19 Cases Decline. That’s Bad News for the Rest of the World

You have reached your limit of 4 free articles. Get unlimited access to...

Biden Wants to Reopen Schools Within 100 Days. Here’s Why That Might Not Happen

A cozy fire flickered in the background and the mood was friendly as Dr....

The U.S. Fumbled Its Early Vaccine Rollout. Will the Biden Administration Put America Back on Track?

On a frigid morning in January, Trudy Ronnel settled into her favorite sofa chair...

mRNA Technology Gave Us the First COVID-19 Vaccines. It Could Also Upend the Drug Industry

“No!” The doctor snapped. “Look at me!” I had been staring her in the...

On World AIDS Day, Those Who Fought the 1980s Epidemic Find Striking Differences and Tragic Parallels in COVID-19

More than three decades after the World Health Organization (WHO) launched the first World...

The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Is Worse Than It’s Ever Been. Why Aren’t We Acting Like It?

Nothing about the current COVID-19 explosion should come as a surprise. As the virus...
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10,500 Toddler Bottles and Cups Recalled Over Lead Poisoning Risk

A company has recalled about 10,500 bottles and cups for toddlers over lead poisoning concerns to children if a part of the product breaks...

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St. Louis mayor Tishaura Jones quits Twitter over Elon Musk’s Ferguson tweet

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Blank sheets of paper become symbol of defiance in China protests

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese protesters have turned to blank sheets of paper to express their anger over COVID-19 restrictions in a rare,...

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Meet the House Republicans Who Will Wield Power in the New Congress

WASHINGTON — Republicans may have won control of the House by only the slimmest of margins, but in a chamber that operates purely by...