Brasilia rioters: Who are they?

They are a diverse bunch -- black and white, rich and poor, young and...

Earth is turning into a planet of flies

When you think of flowers being pollinated, you likely picture a bee or butterfly...

Strikes in east Ukraine despite Putin’s ceasefire order

Bakhmut (Ukraine) (AFP) - Artillery exchanges pounded war-scarred cities in eastern Ukraine on Friday...

Peruvians clamor anew for president’s removal

After a fortnight-long break, Peruvians took to the streets again on Wednesday, blocking roads...

Right-wing rabbi: Israel’s first LGBTQ Knesset Speaker is ‘infected with disease’

On Tuesday, LGBTQ Nation reported that a right-wing rabbi with ties to Israel's incoming...

Brazilian law enforcement officials to revive fraud case against GOP’s George Santos: NYT

Scandal-plagued Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) now faces potential criminal prosecution in two different countries.The...

Russia targets critical infrastructure in drone attacks on Kyiv and its region, officials say

By Pavel PolityukKYIV (Reuters) - Russia has been targeting Ukraine's critical infrastructure in a...

Ukrainians in Kyiv buildings sing the national anthem as Russian bombs fall

Allies turn off Russian energy, Ukraine fears 300 dead in theatre...

Cats in the middle ages: what medieval manuscripts teach us about our ancestors’ pets

Cats had a bad reputation in the middle ages. Their presumed links with paganism...

White men criminally charged after they fought with Black teens at pool they allegedly claimed was ‘whites only’

A violent incident captured on video that took place between a group of white...
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Inside the F.B.I.’s Jan. 6 Investigation of the Proud Boys

In March 2021, two months after the F.B.I. arrested Dominic Pezzola, a New York Proud Boy, on charges stemming from the Capitol attack, one...

Thailand’s Unemployed Elephants Are Back Home, Huge and Hungry

BAAN TA KLANG, Thailand — Lucky was busy munching on some freshly cut grass when she spotted a special treat a tourist was holding...

Jesus, Cleopatra ‘selfies’ generated by AI go viral: ‘Hilarious’

Let there be (ring) light. A British film editor is going viral for using artificial intelligence to imagine famous historical figures such...

The pianist who’s been playing for more than 100 years

Colette Maze has been playing piano for more than a century, and is still drawing thousands of fans on social media.Born in June 1914,...

America Has No Way to Take Care of Mentally Ill People

With evermore unhoused people on the streets of our biggest cities, and publicized subway crimes in New York, mental health treatment is again in...

Welcome Back to The Trump Show

The indictment of former President Donald J. Trump is an unprecedented political event that may have enormous consequences for democracy.It’s also, effectively, a season...