Presidential Election of 2020

Trump Schedules Address Before CPAC Next Sunday

Former President Donald J. Trump will speak at the conservative event known as CPAC...

Trump’s Lawyers Repeated Inaccurate Claims in Impeachment Trial

False. This timeline is wrong. Law enforcement officials began clearing Lafayette Square after 6...

Michael Flynn Re-emerges Pushing QAnon, Stolen 2020 Election Lies

“We love you, we love you, we love you,” they chanted. None of the...

How Trump’s Focus on Antifa Distracted Attention From the Far-Right Threat

All of this was a strain on the counterterrorism section, which has only a...

Lankford Apologizes to Black Constituents for Election Objections

Senator James Lankford, an Oklahoma Republican who spent weeks trying to reverse the results...

Examining Kelly Loeffler's Ties to the NYSE After the Capitol Rampage

Schwab cited “today’s hyperpartisan environment” as a factor. “We believe a clear and apolitical...

Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and others pause their political contributions.

Big businesses often donate to both political parties and say that their support is...

A Proposal for Ending Lawmakers' Questionable Stock Trades

A simple solution for a long-running problemThe recent controversy over stock trading by lawmakers...

Justice Dept. Asks Judge to Toss Election Lawsuit Against Pence

The Justice Department asked a federal judge on Thursday to reject a lawsuit seeking...

Biden Assails Trump Over Handling of Russia Hacking

WASHINGTON — President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. accused President Trump on Tuesday of “irrational...
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Without Backpackers to Pick Them, Crops Rot by the Ton in Australia

SHEPPARTON, Australia — Peter Hall ran a hand over the Gala apples sitting in a wooden crate on his orchard in southeastern Australia, lamenting...

U.S. Will Have Enough COVID-19 Vaccines for All Adults by End of May, Biden Says

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Biden Vows Enough Vaccine ‘for Every Adult American’ by End of May

But Johnson & Johnson and its partners fell behind in their manufacturing. The company was supposed to deliver its first 37 million doses by...

Twitch gamer Sodapoppin quits fake GTA jobs because they’re too hard

Sometimes being a fake fast-food restaurant manager can be as taxing as being a real one. This is especially true when you also have pretend...

Sarkozy says could take corruption appeal to European human rights court

France's former president Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday that he might consider taking his appeal against a corruption conviction to the European Court of...

Where Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Taking the U.S.

One day before the administration announced its decision on Saudi Arabia, Biden gave the first major indication of his presidency that he would be...