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FAA Outage Highlights Fragility of the Aviation System

Tens of thousands of flights were delayed or canceled around Christmas when frigid weather...

Southwest’s Meltdown Could Cost It Up to $825 Million

The meltdown that forced Southwest Airlines to cancel more than 16,700 holiday flights could...

Read Your Way Through Tokyo

Which classic authors should I read?With the influx of Western thought and ideas in...

Artists and Makers Are Doubling Down on Johannesburg

Welcome to T Wanderlust, a new travel newsletter from the editors of T Magazine....

The Choreography on the Ground That Puts Meals in the Sky

Millions of people got on planes between Christmas and New Year’s — braving bad...

Their Flights Canceled, Southwest Travelers Were Threatened With Arrest

It wasn’t the canceled flight on Christmas Day that upset Shelley Morrison the most....

U.S. to Require Negative Covid Tests for Travelers Coming From China

The Biden administration, fearful that a surge of coronavirus infections in Beijing could spawn...

Why Did Southwest Cancel Thousands Of Flights? Here’s What Happened.

Five days after severe winter weather wreaked havoc on holiday air travel across the...

You Didn’t Make It to St. Louis, but Your Bags Did. Here’s What to Do.

To reduce mishandling, tuck in loose straps that can get tangled with machinery or...

China to Drop Covid Quarantine for Incoming Travelers

China on Monday announced that travelers from overseas would no longer be required to...
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Simulation shows tsunami from dinosaur-killing asteroid that brought 2.5-mile-high waves to Gulf Coast

Some 66 million years ago, a 6-mile-wide asteroid crashed into Earth near what today is Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, wiping out much of...

At least 23 dead as dozens of wildfires torch forests in Chile

The vote gave formal approval to a proposal first put forward by the Rules and Bylaws Committee in early December, which came after...

Apple crash and fall tech inundating 911 dispatchers with automated calls, reports say

Apple devices’ crash and fall detection features are reportedly flooding 911 emergency service and...

Eye Drops Linked to U.S. Outbreak of Drug-Resistant Infections

NEW YORK — U.S. health officials said Thursday a company is recalling its over-the-counter eye drops that have been linked to an outbreak...

8 Ways to Read More Books—And Why You Should

I carry one of the most useful lessons of childhood with me to this day: always take a book. That rule served me well...

Pro-Western, retired general Pavel sweeps Czech presidential vote

By Robert Muller and Jan LopatkaPRAGUE (Reuters) -Former army chief and high NATO official Petr Pavel won the Czech Republic's presidential election on Saturday...