United States International Relations

Ukraine Wants the U.S. to Send Powerful New Weapons. Biden Is Not So Sure.

WASHINGTON — Flush with success in northeast Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky is pressing President...

Russia Is Buying North Korean Artillery, According to U.S. Intelligence

WASHINGTON — Russia is buying millions of artillery shells and rockets from North Korea,...

China Has Leapfrogged the U.S. in Key Technologies. Can a New Law Help?

While Congress argued over whether and how to support American chip makers and research...

Ukraine and the Contest of Global Stamina

“We are hearing that they want to defeat us on the battlefield,” Mr. Putin...

Shinzo Abe’s Influence Was Still Evident Long After He Left Office

WASHINGTON — In his record-breaking run as prime minister, Shinzo Abe never achieved his...

Where Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Taking the U.S.

One day before the administration announced its decision on Saudi Arabia, Biden gave the...

Biden Speaks With Saudi King; Unclear if Khashoggi Killing Was Discussed

WASHINGTON — President Biden held his first call with King Salman of Saudi Arabia...

Iran Curbs Nuclear Inspectors, but Appears to Leave Space for a Deal

Iran appears to have partly lifted its threat to sharply limit international inspections of...

Biden Tells Allies ‘America Is Back,’ but Macron and Merkel Push Back

President Biden used his first public encounter with America’s European allies to describe a...

Biden and Netanyahu Finally Talk, but No Details Are Revealed About What

President Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel had an hourlong phone conversation...
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Human Waste Could Help the Fight Against Future Infectious Disease Outbreaks

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How to activate Google Chrome’s secret dinosaur game

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Fleeing Russian man paints scathing portrait of Putin’s leadership: ‘A few old men are leading us to hell’

This comes as demonstrators in the Iranian capital and 14 other cities have blocked streets, thrown stones at security forces and set fire...

Nearly 300K children were targeted by predators on Twitch: report

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Inside an Animal Sanctuary in Bolivia Where Tourists Can Help

In my daily life, Walnut is omnipresent. He shadows me all over the house. When I sit, he gallops up into my lap....